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Beyond Golf: Joining  to Help Find Cures and Save Children

Beyond Golf: Joining to Help Find Cures and Save Children

By Kara Hoover


Remember those telethons on TV when you were a child? They were always seen as an inconvenience in our household. Every station was broadcasting the telethon and, pre-just about any other form of entertainment, these telethon nights basically resulted in a night “ruined” at the Hoover house.

As I have grown older, and faced trials of various forms during my lifetime, I now realize it is almost impossible to truly understand what you have never experienced. This is human nature, and the best we can do is fight against apathy when it is poorly placed.


If you have never had a child in your family affected by cancer, it is very difficult to relate to the mission of Children’s Research Hospital. Hospital founder Danny Thomas might not have understood the great responsibility to give back either, until one life-changing day. Struggling and unsure of his life’s direction, Thomas fell on his knees and prayed to Thaddeus, the patron saint of hopeless causes. He vowed that if the saint would point him toward the path he should take in life to be successful, Thomas would build a shrine in his name. Success did indeed come, and soon after, the legendary entertainer set about fulfilling his vow to . This promise came in the form of Children’s Research Hospital, and a mission to find cures and save children. A mission that Danny Thomas, and now all those who have followed his leadership and vision, make sure that everyone they reach can relate to "and support" due to a never-ending passion and belief.

The passion and hope of the family is that we would do much more than “endure” an “inconvenient” telethon once a year. A few months ago, I was blessed to make a special trip to Memphis to attend the Partner Summit. I was truly humbled and moved to be a part of this event. Touring the absolute state-of-the-art facilities at , hearing the incredible stores of success realized by the brilliant research team, but most impactful, listening to the first-hand accounts of patients and their experiences at . Had it not been for each and every donation made to this mission, these stories would be silent. I am SO THANKFUL I was able to hear them loud and clear.


That is why singingyuko is now officially a proud partner of Children’s Research Hospital. Though our team is not personally walking through this journey, we can now relate to the mission of , and we want to go BEYOND GOLF. We are making our own vow. To do our part to help find cures and save children.

So, what can we actually do to help? Giving back might take a conscious decision to go without, so parents that cannot afford treatment for their ill child, are able to let go of that worry. Because no parent will EVER receive a bill they cannot afford from . This week, go without your morning Starbucks, without one night out, without one trip to Target (because you know that will equal an extra €100 in your pocket,) without one round of golf, so that you can go BEYOND GOLF with us. Giving back might just mean taking 10 minutes out of your day to share a portion of your abundance so that you can truly be a part of saving lives.

Imagine with me for a moment the darkness of a parent filled with hopelessness. They just had to quit their job to care for their suffering child full-time. The emptiness they feel is only less than the pain their child is enduring. By donating to Children’s Research Hospital, you will be a part of an incredible team that is constantly thinking of literally everything they can to bring comfort, and even joy, to parents and children living in this darkness. From patient rooms that can be lit up depending on the child’s mood making it more personal during their stay, to a cafeteria that not only makes the best children’s comfort food, but also makes meal time an event not to be missed, to a yearly prom with all the pageantry any high school could offer.

So what do you say?! Let’s do this! Let’s go BEYOND GOLF and paint a brighter reality for these families.  As Danny Thomas always said, “No child should die in the dawn of their life.” Join us today! #C54BEYONDGOLF


Learn more about our partnership or donate now.

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